Commercial Air Conditioning Toowoomba

At Ace Air Conditioning and Refrigeration, we have been installing, maintaining, and repairing commercial air conditioning systems for local businesses for years.

We work on commercial air conditioning systems for offices, retail spaces, malls, hotels, warehouses, and many other commercial settings.

Our friendly team of professionals are reliable, efficient, honest, and knowledgeable about all things air conditioning, so if you’re looking for local technicians who can quickly get to work getting your commercial air conditioning up and running, call us today.

We Provide Commercial Air Conditioning Installation

We can design and install the perfect air conditioning system for your commercial premises. Our commercial air conditioning system installation will ensure that different areas of your property are correctly zoned so that your staff have maximum control over the temperature of different areas of your property.

If you need an air conditioning system that’s tailored for your business and able to scale with the demands of your customers, contact us today. We can help you to keep staff and visitors in your shop, office, or other commercial space breathing clean and comfortable air all year round.

Man Repairing Air Conditioner

Professional Commercial Air Con Maintenance

Commercial air conditioning systems are used more intensively than domestic air conditioning systems, and this means that proper care and maintenance is even more important in the commercial sector. Regular air conditioning maintenance reduces the chances of your air conditioning system breaking down suddenly and causing disruption at work, and it also increases the total lifespan of your system. 


Increasingly as part of lease agreements tenants are required to undertake routine maintenance of the air conditioning system as part of the leasing agreement.  Contact Ace Air Conditioning and Refrigeration to organise a quote for routine maintenance.  Once you have signed up for routine maintenance you can relax knowing that your air conditioner will be routinely serviced without you having to do a thing.

Our commercial air conditioning maintenance services include a thorough check of your air conditioning system. We’ll clean your AC system and inspect important parts to look for signs of damage and wear, and we’ll offer you honest, professional recommendations about the condition of your commercial air conditioning. Don’t be caught out by faulty air conditioning and book your air conditioning service today.

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Specialised Commercial Repairs

If your commercial air conditioning system breaks down, this can cause costly disruption at work or even mean temporary closure. It’s important that commercial air conditioning systems are fixed as soon as possible in order to keep businesses running smoothly without negatively impacting customers and staff.

At Ace Air Conditioning and Refrigeration, our priorities are efficiency, speed, and quality. We work hard to fit you into our schedule as quickly as possible, identify the issues that are causing your breakdown, and carry out thorough repairs that both fix the problem and make it unlikely to reoccur. If your commercial air conditioning in Toowoomba needs repairing, call us today for a fast, friendly response.

Why is Commercial Air Conditioning a Specialist Field?

In order to carry out repairs on air conditioning you require a Certificate III in air conditioning and refrigeration.  If the person you are using only has a cert II, they are not qualified to carry out the work and most likely won’t be covered by insurance if something goes wrong. It’s important to choose air conditioning experts with experience in working with commercial air conditioning systems because the requirements of a commercial air conditioning unit are different from those of standard domestic systems. Commercial air conditioning systems:

  • Are more complex
  • Often scaled to work within a much larger area
  •  Must be able to run for longer periods of time
  • Are built to minimise breakdowns and maximise repair speeds

At Ace Air Conditioning and Refrigeration, our air conditioning technicians have years of experience installing, maintaining, and repairing high-quality commercial air conditioning systems in Toowoomba. Our priority is keeping your commercial air conditioning efficient and reliable, which ensures that you keep your energy bills low while keeping your staff and visitors comfortable.

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If you’re looking for a team of friendly, professional air conditioning experts in Toowoomba to install or repair your commercial air conditioning system, contact us at Ace Air Conditioning and Refrigeration today. All our professionals are fully trained, licensed and insured and we aim to fit you in quickly at a time that suits your schedule. To find out more about our commercial air conditioning services or for friendly advice about your air conditioning system, call us on (07) 4630 2777.