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Investing in the right air conditioning and refrigeration is really important. Ace Air Conditioning and Refrigeration are here to help and that is why we have put together a detailed FAQ list, which should answer any queries you may have. 

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ARCtick licensed RAC air conditioning and refrigeration mechanics are licensed to maintain and repair your air conditioner and not just install your air conditioner. The Australian Refrigeration Council (ARCtick) issues two different licences for technicians who work with split system air conditioners. The licences are identified as:

• Splits: This is a restricted licence which permits a technician to install and decommission a single head split system air conditioning system to 18KW only. The splits licence does not allow the technician to service or repair an air conditioner.

• RAC: For all refrigeration and air conditioning. This licence recognises fully qualified tradespersons who are allowed to install, service or repair and decommission all types of air conditioning. The RAC tradesperson has undertaken a 4-year apprenticeship in air conditioning and refrigeration.

A system that is too small will have to work harder and for longer periods of time to get to temperature. An air conditioner that is too large will be inefficient and expensive to run. It is important to get Ace Air Conditioning and Refrigeration to come and size up your room, to make sure you get the right air conditioner for your requirements.

Failure to service your air conditioner will result in increased energy consumption, a loss of cooling and heating capacity will reduce the life of your air conditioner. 

A warranty requirement for certain brands of air conditioners is that the system is regularly serviced. Don’t risk voiding your warranty.

Residential: An annual service will help keep your air conditioner working to optimum capacity.

Commercial: The air conditioning should be serviced every month.

The air conditioner provides both heating and cooling.

Inverters are relatively new technology that allows the air conditioner to vary its output power as it is needed. Inverter systems are more economical to run and are usually quieter than fixed speed units.

This air conditioner has 1 indoor unit which is commonly mounted on the wall and 1 outdoor unit. These units are suitable for a range of areas from a small bedroom to a large open plan living area.

This is a system which can provide heating and cooling for the whole house. Cool or heated air is moved through ducts running in the ceiling to different parts of the house. The ducted unit has 1 outdoor unit and 1 indoor unit. The indoor is usually concealed in the ceiling cavity. Ducted systems are often zoned.

Zone control is usually used with ducted systems. The house is split into different zones which allows you to air condition different areas at different times and for certain zones to be switched off when not in use.

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