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Signs Your Air Conditioner Needs Servicing

Living in Australia comes with a lot of beautiful aspects of nature and one of those is the stunning sunny weather. Even if you love sunny days, however, it is important you can control the temperature in your own home to ensure you can live comfortably.

That’s where your air conditioner comes in. Faithfully working away to keep you cool and moderate the humidity in your home during hot, sticky days.

However, like anything, sometimes your air conditioner can break. Air conditioners need regular servicing to make sure they’re performing correctly. Catching early signs of a problem could save you from costly repairs or even replacements down the road.

Here at Ace Air Conditioning and Refrigeration, we’ve put together a list of signs your air conditioner needs servicing.

The Output Air Is Warm

If you have noticed that your rooms aren’t as cold as they usually are, even though you haven’t altered your AC settings, this could be the first sign. Running an AC while it’s not working properly like this can waste electricity and run up your utility bills.

Double-check this by making sure you’ve turned your AC to cooling mode and set it to lower than your home’s current temperature. If it’s still blowing out warm air, you may need servicing.

The Airflow Is Poor

This is often a key sign of an AC that is no longer working efficiently and could be draining your bills. It could also be a symptom of a blockage somewhere in the AC ducts or pipes around your home. This prevents cool air from moving through and cooling down the room. Often, the problem will be a damaged motor or clogged air filter.

No matter the problem, we always recommend trusting a reliable technician to service your air conditioner.

There’s Humidity In The House

Your AC should monitor and minimise humidity in your home but if you start to notice moisture on the insides of windows then your air conditioner probably needs servicing.

An Ace Air Conditioning and Refrigeration technician can diagnose the problem and perform a simple re-calibration or advise you about possible dehumidifier upgrades.

You Can Hear Unusual Noises

It’s usual to hear a dull, quiet hum from your air conditioner but if you hear sudden strange noises, this may be more serious. Rattling or buzzing could mean a part has come loose in the internal system while grinding or whistling noises could indicate something much more serious.

This issue will not go away on its own and you will need to contact a licensed AC service technician.

It Smells Strange Or Bad

If there is an unfamiliar or foul odour coming from your AC, it could indicate any number of problems from a burnt wire insulation to mould growth. Anything that smells bad in your AC could be a danger to human health.

A professional will inspect the machine and clean it of debris or burnt wiring. Our technicians use high-quality ultraviolet lamps to eliminate microbial growth and can have your AC smelling fresh in no time.

It’s Leaking Water

While air conditioning systems may produce condensation while they work, this should never gather into a leak within your home. Puddles or active leaks around your AC are an immediate concern that can cause rapid and lasting damage to your house and its structure. Call for servicing immediately to sort the issue.

For all of your air conditioning needs and services, get in touch with Ace Air Conditioning and Refrigeration today.